12 Marketing Letters You May Require
We supply our clients with an excellent sample letter package including 75 of the most productive letters we've used over thousands of campaigns.

      A number of samples, very easy to adapt, are included for each of 12 applications they may encounter. However, some executives prefer to have us professionally draft their letters, anticipating the full range of situations they may encounter. Having your letters prepared in advance and supplied on diskette makes job hunting far more convenient. The portfolio we typically create includes letters for the following occasions:

      For responding to openings
      For contacting recruiters
      For contacting venture capitalists
      For responding to spot opportunities
      For direct mail contact with employers
      For sponsored direct mail to employers
      For contacting directors of associations
      For networking associates and friends
      For networking alumni from your university
      For networking influential people
      For setting up potential references
      For following up your interviews